The Unfinished Pull

The Unfinished Pull

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Tim is up, I smell sausage cooking and know its time for me to rise and shine……….

Breakfast is over, I’ve cleaned the kitchen and with second cup of coffee in hand, I head to the studio. At the breakfast table, the thought of starting a new painting was on my mind. After scrolling through photos the night before, I had picked out several options. As I enter the studio, its time to decide which one strikes my interest the most before squeezing out paint on my palette. But, as I turn and head for my easel, several unfinished paintings grab my attention. A feeling sweeps over me of disappointment that there are so many. Amazing how a mood can be changed so quickly. It’s like looking over your ‘To Do List’ with nothing checked off. It hits me, I can’t start something new with all these unfinished projects calling my name.


works to finish

Two of the paintings only need the bottom edge of the gallery wrap canvas painted, one just needs a few finally strokes and a signature.


painting sides of canvases

A couple more are only blocked in with the initial thin coat of paint and need a lot of work to complete. My enthusiasm for a new painting has left. Now I know the plan for my day. Get some checkmarks on that ‘To Do List’. Surveying the canvases in front of me, I chose to focus on Lazy Waters for the day. It was started last winter as a demo at WildChild Art Gallery and I really liked the block in but had never put it back on the easel again. I also took the time to paint the bottom/sides of the large sunrise and sign, which makes it finished and add some touches to my stormy sky. At the end of the day, I felt good! Check!!!

progress made on Lazy Waters

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