Ready for the New Year

Ready for the New Year

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Wow, 2015 is here and moving right along already. I’ve taken over Tim’s side of the garage at our Florida home to use as a studio. It’s a deep bay, so he can actually keep his truck inside and there is still room for me to paint. I installed new 6500K (daylight) florescent bulbs in the fixtures over the workbench, setup my stereo and plugged in the TV, hooking it up to bunny ears. Now I can listen to Dr Oz, reruns of Gilligan’s Island and catch a little news or pop in a CD of my favorite music while painting. Opening the garage door lets in lots of southern light and gives me a view of the Caloosahatchee River between the houses on the opposite side of our street. Neighbors stroll by and occasionally pop in to check on my progress.

Before the holidays, I spent several days getting some canvases ready for new works. They were first sanded then 3 thin coats of gesso were applied, sanding between coats. The last step was to apply a toned sealer, using 1/2 Gamsol, 1/2 Galkyd medium and a squirt of Raw Sienna oil paint mixed in for the tone. This concoction will keep the oil in my paint from soaking into the gesso allowing me to work longer wet in wet. It takes a couple of days for the sealer coat to dry, depending on the weather, then the canvases are ready to use. Because I was determined to get this many large canvases done at one time, there was a trip to the chiropractor a few days later! When will I learn?

My back is feeling better and I’m ready to paint. Now the fun part, I’m looking at all those empty canvases, wondering what will end up on them. Stay tuned…….

TJ garage canvases

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  1. Cindy Trunbo

    wow, I didn’t know you were blogging! Will my husband never tell me anything?! Have fun and looking forward to seeing you in the spring/summer! We will survive another winter without you enjoying it.

  2. Knowing you as I do they will be beautiful loving works of art!

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