Playing with Acrylics

Playing with Acrylics

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My first paintings using Golden Open Acrylics.
My first paintings using Golden Open Acrylics.


Acrylic Paintings finished and cut apart

An artist getting new art supplies is like a kid with a new toy. I’ve been wanting to play with Golden Open Acrylics ever since I was fortunate to sit in on a demo by an artist using them. They are very slow drying compared to tradional acrylics, staying wet and mixable for approx 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the environment where they are used.  So early last week the UPS man brought my new box of landscape color assortment. I had to put them aside for a few days because my mom was having surgery. Didn’t even take time to remove the cellophane off the box until this past weekend.

When I finally slipped away to my studio Saturday morning, my first decision was going to be what surface I would try them on. I opted for some unstretched canvas I had already toned with yellow ochre gesso for using on plein air painting trips.  Taking a 11×14 size, I marked off 4 – 5×7 squares for practice.  Before getting the acrylics out of the box I made sure to get any oil painting supplies off my table so there was not a chance I would get them mixed together.  I sat ‘Bitsy’ on top of my mineral spirit can to guard against accidentally cleaning my brush there.

Pulling out some photo references and picking out a selection of synthetic brushes, I was ready to open the new tubes of paint. It was fun to squeeze out the color on a plastic plate. The first stokes applied to the canvas didn’t tell me much about the workability of the paint, but as I played, getting the surface totally covered, I was able to mix and blend much like using oils. It was cool in my studio that morning and after an hour I was still able to move the Open acrylics around with my brush. The paint on my plate palette stayed moist also. When  ready to quit, I spritzed the puddles of paint on the plate with a little water and covered it with another plate. Sunday, when I came back to my studio, the paint was just as wet as the day before and ready to use.  For the weekend I finished all four samples. Fun, fun! Now I want to try them on another surface to see how they react. To be continued…….

Golden Open Acrylic set
Golden Open Acrylic landscape set

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  1. Debi Fields

    I have been using these for a few years now. They are pretty cool. I paint with mostly acrylics and Golden is the only brand I will use because they are always consistent. They do custom requests also.

    • Thanks for your comment Debi. I’ve worked with regular acrylics in the past, but wasn’t crazy about them. Didn’t like the fast dry time or the color shift from wet to dry. This may change my attitude towards the medium. It’s always fun to try something new. I have a well stocked studio to prove it! It will be interesting to take them out painting plein air. I’m sure they will dry faster outside.

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