My First Art Video

My First Art Video

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Well, I’ve stuck my toe into the world of video; stumbling and hesitant. This project, my first video, definitely challenged my brain, but I had fun sorting through all the steps. It is more difficult than I thought to act natural and feel comfortable talking to a camera with no one behind it. Many takes were deleted and redone to come up with the final version.  I had to figure out how to use iMovie, that came with my iMac, which had never been opened. Good thing I didn’t delete it off the computer with all the other programs I thought I would never use!  After settling on a movie clip I thought was fairly presentable, then there was solving the puzzle of how to get it uploaded to Youtube.  Well, I did it! I told a friend it was uploaded but I didn’t have it available for public viewing because it wasn’t perfect. She said no one would ever do anything if they waited for perfection. So Peggy, it’s now live for the world to see!

As I was working on this pair of snowy egrets, I purposely took photos of the progress for this project to give you a glimpse of what goes into my oil paintings. Hope you enjoy it.   Thanks for watching.

These two paintings are available at WildChild Art Gallery, Matlacha, FL  Ph: 239-283-6006


Waterlily Shallows, Left oil 24x24x.75 on gallery wrap linen by Theresa Shelton – $975.00
Waterlily Shallows, Right oil 24x24x.75 on gallery wrap linen by Theresa Shelton – $975.00

















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  1. This is amazing Theresa!!!! I love it!!!!

  2. Mike Miller

    I enjoyed your video Theresa. I love your paintings. Your artistic talent is quite evident in the quality of your video. From your comments, I was expecting something amateurish. This was very well done. As always, I was impressed with your work.

    • Mike, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! So happy you liked the video. Gives me courage to do another.

  3. Audrey Barrett

    Good job on the vid! Now we need to see a painting in action, technique and that kind of thing! You’re looking great!!

  4. Catherine Cecere

    Beautiful! You are a magnificent artist.

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