EKU Center of the Arts Exhibit

EKU Center of the Arts Exhibit

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Can you believe that summer is almost over? It won’t be long before the leaves will be changing color in Kentucky.  I love fall! The cooler weather that rolled in last night let us open the windows and turn off the AC. All that 90 degree heat was certainly getting old. It did keep me in the studio painting though. There are still canvases in progress that will hopefully be finished soon. I’ve also taken the much overdue time to rewrite my Biography and Artist’s Statement. It is now uploaded on the ‘About‘ page of my website.

This season, I decided not to set up at any art fairs. My tent is getting old and starting to leak, so it seemed a good time for a respite on exhibiting outside. Instead, I’ve been focusing on building up inventory for the Galleries that carry my work.

Latest News:

I’m excited to announce that four of my oil paintings (below) have been accepted into the ‘Kentucky Invitational Art Exhibit’ hosted by Eastern Kentucky University’s Center of the Arts in Richmond, KY. The exhibit will be on display Sept 10 – Dec 31, 2016.  It was an all day trip to deliver the paintings last week to the Center of the Arts at the edge of EKU Campus.  I was so glad that mom rode along to keep me company. We stopped for lunch at the quaint little Main Street Bakery in Richmond. Delicious meatloaf, pork tenderloin, potato casserole and broccoli casserole! Know where we will stop on the trip back to pick up the paintings!

After the EKU exhibit closes these paintings will be on display at Chestnut Tree Gallery in Richmond until next summer.

Will keep you posted………

October Harmony oil 24x30
‘October Harmony’ oil 24×30
'Chicory Hill' oil 24x30
‘Chicory Hill’ oil 24×30




'Creekside Calm' oil 24x30
‘Creekside Calm’ oil 24×30
'Still Waters' oil 30x40
‘Still Waters’ oil 30×40

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